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Concierge Car Buying Experience
Simply stated, concierge car buying is all about customer service and catering the deal to your schedule and expectations. Time is precious and if you find a vehicle that peaks your interest on our website, or anywhere else, we will bring the deal to you at your convenience. The Integrity Auto LC Concierge Car Buying Experience is an incredibly professional, fair and personal way of getting the vehicle you want without ever visiting a dealership. Based on customer preferences such as year, make and model, trim package, drive train and mileage we will deliver as soon as possible right to your door the vehicle of your choice.

There are two options for Concierge Car Buying at Integrity Auto LC

1. With customer preferences dictating we will provide exhaustive research and locate, negotiate with the seller, orchestrate transportation as necessary and deliver directly to your door the vehicle of your choosing with payment going directly from the buyer to seller. Integrity Auto LC will provide this service for $795.00 and bring industry knowledge, dealer only supply options and negotiating expertise securing your preferred vehicle for the lowest possible total cost. If the customer prefers us to title and register, we will do so for our TT&L fee of $97.50 to also include all New Mexico required fees. Integrity Auto LC acts as a consultant in Option 1 and does not take ownership at any point in the transaction thus the low cost for procurement.

2. With customer preferences dictating we will secure your chosen vehicle and bring it to our dealership for mechanical check out and thorough detail prior to delivery to the location of your choosing at a time you determine. Integrity Auto LC will handle all documentation requirements for buying from the seller including taking ownership and title search ensuring no future issues with the registration or titling process. Integrity Auto LC will provide this service for 25% of the estimated cost of the vehicle chosen with time parameters discussed at the time of non refundable deposit.

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