Not your typical car dealer

Integrity Auto LC:
A state licensed, bonded and insured automotive dealer

Integrity Auto LC is a locally owned state licensed, bonded and insured automotive dealer that focuses on customer service. Every vehicle for sale on our lot is thoroughly inspected by an ASE certified mechanic who also performs all work. Vehicles are thoroughly inspected including but not limited to odometer and VIN verification, transmission and drive train functions including engine components, 4x4/AWD engagement as necessary, ABS and brake functions, paint and body review, supplemental restraint system and air bag functionality. Frame and uni-body are inspected for damage or evidence of prior repairs, a flood inspection is performed and all vehicles come with a guaranteed 15 day 500 mile warranty period.

We can assist in locating your best financing option and offer a full line of automotive accessories including fuel efficiency products to lower your total cost of ownership. reports that 25% of a vehicles value is lost in the first year of ownership and Consumer Reports states that 45% is lost in the first three years. Why buy new and make the worst yet very popular financial investment mistake? Not only does buying gently used vehicles benefit you by not absorbing the initial loss of value, but you also receive the benefit of lower tax liabilities (3% of purchase price in NM) when titling and registering and lower insurance premiums due to a lower replacement cost. All of these factors create an opportunity to get more out of every one of your hard earned dollars.

We believe in providing vehicles with just a little personality and a pride of ownership in the driver at the best possible value – and always with integrity.

Integrity Auto LC
901 South Valley Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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