Not your typical car dealer



Hi and Welcome! My name is Matthew Elgersma, owner of Integrity Auto LC.

Purchasing an automobile is a major financial decision. Many of us feel lost in considerations of financing, what to look for in a test drive, resale value, and – let’s face it – the integrity and honesty of the salesperson.

I have worked as an entrepreneur, in the nonprofit sector as well as corporate America, and hold an MBA and PMP certification. As a Business and Outreach Coordinator for the Arrowhead Center at NMSU, I worked closely with Las Cruces, NM nonprofits and other agencies with an eye toward community well-being, honest business practices, and sustainable development. We believe in providing vehicles with just a little personality and a pride of ownership in the driver at the best possible value always with integrity. And we will work harder that anyone to get you into the vehicle you want.

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